There is GOOD News

There is good news! Woke up feeling grateful for bands, like Rend Collective, who write songs that give hope! My favorite song right now is “Rescuer”. Check it out! It’s a beautiful song that gives hope to anyone, because it talks about a person who wants to rescue everyone. I’m so grateful that our future […]

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Money is Funny!

“Money is funny.” Before I began writing this post, I looked for the perfect picture representing it. I typed “money” in the search bar, and all the images had either of these things in common (or both) Money on the table A person looking really stressed/worried/frustrated/sad that the money on the table wasn’t enough. Which […]

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Quote of the Day

Life happens one day at a time. – Jack Bartlett (Heartland) Catch yourself stressing or worrying about tomorrow? Pause. Take a deep breath. What’s in front of you today? What do you have today? You still have time to make the best of today! I challenge you to make a list of 3 things you […]

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Rainy Day Lover

Catch yourself feeling down on a gloomy rainy day? With nothing to motivate you from getting out of bed? I’m here to help! Below is a list of things you can do at home with your significant other on a rainy day. Enjoy! Binge watch a new TV show or movie series on Netflix! (My […]

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The Journey to Hope

Hello! My name is David Arriaga, and I decided to start sharing my random thoughts! I am 28, and I was born and raised in SoCal. I live in the OC with my lovely wife, Hannah, and we are expecting our first little one this October! Exciting times. Can’t wait to share more with you […]

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